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CTE Logistics (TSM) TMS Site!

CTE Logistics (TSM) delivers excellence in Transportation Management, Warehousing, and logistics. The CTE Logistics (TSM) TMS solution offers you speed and reliability in an easy to use platform based on the latest technology.

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CTE Logistics (TSM) is a service driven transportation logistics company providing freight forwarding and logistics solutions that intersects all aspects of the supply chain.

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We are Commitment to Excellence, a Freight Management Partner. We are Commitment to Excellence, a Freight Management Partner with and for passionate performers. We handle all aspects of a seamless domestic supply chain experience, including warehousing, LTL, full truck load.



CTE Logistics (TSM) delivers services you can count on! Find out what we can do for your business shipping needs.

We live out our name in our obsessively high standards, near zero error rate and how we take care of our team.

No system can love you like we do.

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We are pleased to bring you our new TMS. Simply enter the Origin and Destination zip codes of the shipment click GO and this will navigate you immediately to Step 2.

In order for our customers to receive quotes and tender shipments for Next Day and 2nd Day Service levels you must first become a registered user of our website. Contact us for more information.

Each shipment will be subject to a Fuel Surcharge (FSC). With the ever changing cost in fuel, it is our goal here at CTE Logistics (TSM) to keep our FSC consistent and at a cost below the market % for each of our customers.