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About Us

CTE Logistics (TSM) is Committed to Excellence. We are an intelligent, growing company dedicated to winning you over with our personalized service.

CTE Logistics (TSM) is emerging as one of the leaders in transportation logistics. technology solutions, and value added transportation management.

Our vision is clear, our business plan sound and our management team focused.

Our services are provided through a vast network of qualified carriers, vendors and partners. Our staff's personal investment in the total satisfaction of our customers is key to our success. Our strategically aligned value structure creates the flexibility necessary to adjust when required and the reliability in our service to keep you as a customer.

We value our people as our greatest assets. We are committed to giving them the tools necessary, including customer driven technology, to provide the highest level of customer attention in the transportation logistics industry.

We are a member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association as well as a performance Certified Transportation Broker (CTB)

Let CTE Logistics (TSM) help you succeed.